Raise the Flag to Remember

Call to Action!

Memorial Day is May 30th, 2016. Will you raise your United States of America flag and encourage your neighbors to do the same?

Sunrise: 6:22 a.m.

Sunset: 8:17 p.m.


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Woodlands Parkway Extension – What Can You Do?


no means no

At the most recent commissioners court meeting, the Woodlands Parkway extension has resurfaced (pun intended).

Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley “‘That’s a pretty bold statement with one vote on court,” Riley said after the meeting. “I think Noack is going to turn this into a Woodlands versus the rest of the county. That is something I don’t want, but it looks like it is something he wants; that’s where we are headed.

“The project will get done. The developers are working on trying to get their part of it put together so they can started. … Noack just made me want to step up and get my part done from Dobbin Hufsmith over to (FM) 2978. If he wants a battle, he’s got a battle. (emphasis added)'” – The Woodlands Villager, 1/27/16

If he wants a battle, he’s got a battle. 

Back in May 2015, over 80% of The Woodlands residents spoke clearly that the Woodlands Parkway extension was not acceptable by voting ‘No’ against the proposed bond which included the extension. Commissioner Riley’s constituents include a portion of The Woodlands. (Map here). Unfortunately, Commissioner Riley has taken a stance contrary to this portion of his constituency. In our constitutional Republic, the voice of the people must be heard, and to do that, we must speak.

Our first order of business is to sign the petition (found here) to add our voices to the thousands who have already signed. Our county judge and Commissioner Riley need to understand that we aren’t a troublemaking minority who want to unnecessarily provoke our representatives.

Next, plan to speak at the next commissioners court meeting during public comment. (Meeting dates here). The commissioners and the county judge cannot read your minds. If you do not want to see our community take on another 3,500+ more cars per day along Woodlands Parkway, you must let them know. Public comment occurs near the beginning of the meeting and you have 3 minutes to comment. Please take advantage of this opportunity because those in favor of the extension will as well.

Also, call County Judge Doyal’s and Commissioner Riley’s office and courteously register your complaint with them. Again, elected officials cannot read your minds.

Another way to be heard is through letters to the editor to The Woodlands Villager newspaper. Send a thoughtful letter to the editor via email. Speaking publicly matters.

Finally, encourage your Township board to actively take steps to understand and prepare to incorporate. If we were a city, we would be the 30th largest city in Texas, competing with Wichita Falls and Round Rock. We need a strategic, well thought-out plan to take the next step into our evolution as a community. We already have city-sized problems. Becoming a city will allow us to more actively mitigate and anticipate these problems, and, with control of our roads and bridges, we can block any connection to other roads.

We are not powerless unless we choose to do nothing. Speak, call, write, sign and tell your neighbors to do the same. When The Woodlands Township comes together to protect our hometown, we accomplish great things.

-Laura Fillault, Township Director, Position 7

(Remember, The Woodlands Township property tax collection approximately 11% of our total property tax bill. Even if our tax rate doubled from $0.23/$100 to $0.46/$100, our property tax bill would only increase the Township to ~19% of our total bill.)

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Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!


TexasChristmasMay your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be white (or at least cooler)!


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Thank you!


I am pleased to announce that I have won the Township Director, Position 7 election. Thank you so much for your support and your vote! I am humbled and grateful. I welcome your feedback and input at any time and am always happy to meet you for coffee or lunch!

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Vote for Fillault

roll up sleeve

Thank you for your support, Andrea!

Vote for Fillault

To the editor:

In a Courier article from last February, I read a brow-raising quote from Bruce Tough about the May road bond, in particular, the Woodlands Parkway extension. He said, “I’ve been involved in government for 15 years — every time we’ve extended a road, we’ve had a protest, near riot.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. A majority of the people he represents were opposed to this project and I found it stunning that a director elected to represent us could shrug his shoulders. Residents were pleading for township support, but he knows what’s best. He not only went on to vote in favor at the township, but was also a public activist for the developer-funded PAC tasked with passing the road bond. My first thought was, thank you for your service but maybe it is time you move on. His near riot quote was one of the reasons I rolled up my sleeves.

A few weeks later, I saw Laura Fillault speak for the first time at Commissioners Court. She went on to speak at The Woodlands Township, attended community forums and was an outstanding advocate for residents of The Woodlands when over half our board ignored their constituents. I was delighted to learn she would be running for township director. We need directors willing to listen to the residents and then work for us, not against us. We need directors whose best interest is advocating for the people who live in The Woodlands and, without a doubt, Laura Fillault would make an excellent addition to our board.

Please get involved, read more about Laura Fillault and cast your vote Nov. 3.

Andrea Custer

The Woodlands

Originally posted here: Vote for Fillault

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Yes, I am Qualified!


Yes, I am qualified to be a Township Director.

A Township Director needs to understand our budget. When my ability to understand and handle a multi-million dollar budget is questioned because of motherhood, I can’t help but have a little chuckle. A budget isn’t just addition and subtraction but also line items of revenues and expenditures.When creating and managing a Township, there is a difference between the needs of the community and the wants of the community. Much like our budgets at home, we put our dollars towards the true needs, then we work through the perceived needs and wants.

Township Needs: We need to pay off our debts. We need to pay our employees. We need to maintain our amenities per the covenants. Et cetera.

Township Perceived needs: We need Metro-style bus service across The Woodlands. We need to give $600,000 to help fund a customs facility at the Conroe Airport. We need to keep the water taxis because some people still ride them.

Township Wants: We’d like to bring in a new Olympic-sized pool. We’d like to build a permanent ice skating facility. And so forth.

A Township Director must identify and prioritize needs over wants and use our tax dollars effectively to ensure our community remains safe and an enjoyable place to live. Since 2012, with the addition of Directors Gordy Bunch and John McMullan, we’ve seen our property tax rate reduced significantly while our service levels remain high. As a Township Director, I will work closely with all my board colleagues to maintain this good stewardship of our tax dollars.

A Township Director also needs to be a proven leader. During the first half of this year, I worked with other leaders in our community to fight against the Woodlands Parkway Extension bond. I listened to gain understanding of the issues, I analyzed the information at hand, I evaluated the potential outcomes, and then I went before the public and explained why the extension, and thus the bond, wasn’t good for The Woodlands. In my career as a management consultant, my job was to lead clients through the process of changing the way they did their work. When we lived in Sugar Land, within three years of joining, I became the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Fort Bend Junior Service League. I also became the theater director for our church. I was asked to lead because I demonstrated the traits necessary of a leader: I did my homework, understood the issues or tasks at hand and people trusted me to lead effectively.

Finally, a Township Director should be aware of what’s going on in our state and national government because they have an impact on our community. Along with being a wife and full-time mom, I am a political commentator for NRA News and other online radio shows, commenting on state and national politics. I attend national political conferences yearly, including Redstate and CPAC. I am actively involved in local, state and national politics. In other words, I pay attention to what’s going on and I work to educate others.

I have spent the past months visiting with my neighbors here in The Woodlands. You’ve shared what you think is working, what isn’t working and what you would like to see changed. I am committed to continue advocating for us, The Woodlands residents, working to keep our community safe, our quality of living high and our business environment robust. All of this combined makes me more than qualified to be part of the new generation of leadership on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors.

I ask for your vote. Vote for Laura Fillault, position 7. Thank you.

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Flashback: Laura speaks at forum against road bond

On April 2, 2015, I joined Ken Vaughn and Steve Toth to present our case as to why we were against the $350M road bond. The three of us, along with Directory Gordy Bunch, spoke at many different forums and meetings to explain why we were against the road bond, and in particular, why we were against the Woodlands Parkway extension.

I will continue to advocate for The Woodlands! Vote today! Vote Laura Fillault!

Montgomery County Eagle Forum Road Bond Forum video


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Laura speaks with Morning Joe Scarborough


As well as being a #FullTimeMommy, Laura interacts with various politicians and political pundits from across the nation. Laura joined Jay Caruso and his Splintered Caucus radio show to speak with Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. They talked about the 2016 Presidential race as well as some pop culture including Star Wars and The Godfather.

Listen in!  Laura speaks with Morning Joe Scarborough

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Were You A Tool of Satan? I was…supposedly.

Remember “Tool of Satan”? I do because I was at Commissioner’s Court to speak during public comment to advocate for Woodlands residents and ask the commissioners to take the Woodlands Parkway extension OFF the ballot. Even got to give a quick testimonial, as you can see on the video.

I stood in commissioner’s court because I wanted to protect our quality of life in The Woodlands. I will continue to do so as director.

It’s time for a new generation of leadership. Vote today! Vote Laura Fillault!

“Tool of Satan” Montgomery County Commissioners Court

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First US election…first vote for wife

Pierre oath
First US election … first vote for wife

To the editor:

Some 15 years ago I arrived in Houston as an expatriate from France for a well-known oil & gas company. At work, I met a smart beautiful Texas woman, Laura. She immediately impressed me with her wits, straightforwardness, integrity and intelligence. She crazily accepted to marry me a couple of years later. That’s my version of the American Dream.

As a consultant and manager, Laura leveraged her skills and talents to listen well, get to the root cause of issues, and drive improvements to completion. She will do the same for The Woodlands residents. As with the Woodlands Parkway extension, Laura will continue to listen to residents and represent them well.

Many people, including myself, are not fond of public speaking. On the contrary, Laura enjoys it. It helps that she is good at it as many of you have witnessed. She has a talent for explaining complex issues in simple terms. As director, Laura will continue to give the “silent” majority a voice.

In France, so many politicians are career politicians. Instead, in the USA, I am encouraged to observe more and more “normal” citizens stepping up to give selflessly of their time and energy. Laura belongs to this new generation of leaders. Tired of feeling not listened to and not represented, she took charge instead of complaining. She led the fight tirelessly against the Woodlands Parkway extension. As director, I know Laura will continue to work hard to be the residents’ advocate.

God has blessed me and my family. I feel privileged to be in a position to fully support Laura’s efforts to become director. Of course it can be tough at times but investing in our local community is definitively worthwhile.

In November, my American dream will be even more complete. As a new US citizen, it will be my privilege to vote in my first US election for my wife.

Pierre Fillault

The Woodlands

First US election Letter to the Editor

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