Steve Toth Addresses Recent Events

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Steve Toth – former Texas Legislature / Interview by Jason Franklin of The Woodlands Journal

Topics Discussed:
Steve Toth’s past and current government role.
Heated debate between Bruce Tough and himself at The Woodlands Township Board of Directors Public Comment meeting.

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Laura Speaks at the Bike The Woodlands Coalition

“Laura Fillault, vying for position 7, spoke of her Texas roots, hailing from Kingsville and having graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree, and a career, in industrial engineering.

She emphasized her active opposition to the failed county road bond in the spring and the importance of getting the residents involved to challenge government officials who aren’t doing what the people want.

“The quickest way to make things happen is to talk to officials … get informed, get emotional and get engaged,” she said. “Elected officials are here to represent us.””

Read more here:

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Meet & Greet!

Thank you to everyone who came out to our meet & greet at Americas on the Water Way last night! Your support is encouraging! It’s time for a new generation of leadership in the Township!



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Woodlands Family Steeped in Patriotism

Pierre oath


Woodlands Family Steeped in Patriotism

Most families in The Woodlands would describe themselves as loyal patriots participating in the American way of life, maybe even as a model for other residents. However, during this particular week in The Woodlands, a family with an unpronounceable name and with roots in Paris, France, may deserve the spotlight of Americanism be shined on them. This week, due to a confluence of unique events, the Fillault family stands out in our population of 105,000 people of citizens from many different countries.

The Fillaults (fee-yo) are like most Woodlands’ couples in that the father, Pierre Fillault of Tours, France goes to work at his job of almost 20 years but now travels to the new ExxonMobil complex just south of The Woodlands. Laura, from Kingsville, Texas, will also be working at her own career as a political commentator, author, and blogger. Like so many Woodlands wives and mothers she also has a combination of daily tasks to accomplish, including professional meetings, household errands, social volunteering, caring for the two Fillault children, Zachary, 11, and Juliette, 8, and getting them off to Galatas Elementary each school day.

But, in the past few days, patriotism and events that are best fit together by the word Americanism have exploded around the family Fillault, that arrived here via Paris, France, not Paris, Texas. Although a native Texan from Kingsville and raised with the values of a U.S. Naval Academy graduate father and an elementary school librarian mother. Laura then received her Industrial Engineering degree at Texas A&M and began working with top corporate clients as a business process expert. It was at ExxonMobil that she met a dashing ex-patriot Frenchman who was even named “Pierre,” like in every movie she had ever seen that was set in France – which she had never visited. Also like in every movie, international love has no boundaries, and Pierre the Parisian lassoed Laura the Texas gal, and they married. Exxon moved them back to France in 2003, but the call of Texas outweighed French cuisine and they returned to Sugarland, Texas in 2006, but they soon discovered and chose The Woodlands when ExxonMobil announced its new complex nearby.

It is here in The Woodlands that patriotism, politics, and progress really took off for the Fillaults. This week they may have just experienced a new record for full immersion in the whirlpool of democracy.

On Wednesday, August 26th, the family added another U.S. citizen to The Woodlands roll call of proud citizen-residents when Pierre took his oath of citizenship with Laura, the children, and Laura’s proud parents standing by. Also this week, Laura expanded her career as a political activist, commentator, and blogger by launching the promise of a new generation of leadership in a bid for public office as a Woodlands Township director. Laura also just returned from the Republican RedState Gathering in Atlanta whose leader turned Donald Trump away from its stage last week. She states that her true political revelation came about while listening to Ted Cruz speak in The Woodlands’ Town Green Park when he was running for the U.S. Senate.

After experiencing life in a highly socialist country like France, Laura says: “I believe in helping people have a better life for themselves but that just giving people stuff isn’t the way to help them. I believe that the world would be a much better place if people would invest in their relationships with their God, themselves and their families and friends.” The Woodlands is a better place because the Fillault family took its place among its equally proud and patriotic citizens and is proud to return the many kindnesses to friends and neighbors in The Woodlands with personal service to the community and patriotic service to Montgomery County, Texas, and the USA.


For further media information:

Laura Fillault   832-340-4230

Paul Lazzaro 281-728-5704

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Officially Filed

I am happy to announce that I have officially filed with The Woodlands Township to be placed on the Woodland Township Board of Directors ballot, Position 7. I look forward to representing the residents of The Woodlands Township!

Laura Fillault Announces Candidacy

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Confusion About Road Bond?

confused1I attended the Alden Bridge Village Association meeting on July 14, 2015  to hear Commissioner Riley’s update on the fate of another road bond.

[On a quick side note, you are always welcome to attend your village association meetings. These men and women volunteer to be on these boards and work hard to keep our neighborhoods pleasant and safe places to live.]

Commissioner Riley explained that the reasons for postponing another road bond are because there was “too much misinformation out there”, the “public and media didn’t get [the county commissioners] story out there”, the commissioners need to do “damage control” and once the bond was approved for a vote, “commissioners couldn’t tell their story” in support of the bond.

Unsurprisingly, co-chair of the Keep Montgomery County Moving PAC, Mrs. Nelda Blair shared similar sentiments on May 10th, the day following the defeat of the road bond. “Bond supporter Nelda Blair, a Woodlands attorney who co-chaired the bond committee, agreed there was a heavy turnout across the county to vote on the road bonds. ‘The message put out by opponents scared people. I think they voted emotionally on a lot of inaccuracies that they heard or read that road improvements would create more traffic problems.'” – Houston Chronicle, 5/11/15

Allow me to address Commissioner Riley’s and Mrs. Blair’s claims of “inaccuracies”, “misinformation”, “damage control” and “public and media didn’t get [the county commissioners] story out there”.

From the moment that the county appointed the ten-member citizens committee, the idea of the Keep Montgomery County Moving (KMCM) PAC was conceived. In early December of 2014, after the first citizens committee meeting, Mrs. Blair filed to create the PAC and began accruing donations from Houston contractors, engineering firms and construction companies. “In recent months, Keep Montgomery County Moving PAC has raised nearly $100,000 and promoted the bond on social media and on signs put up all around the fast-growing suburb.” – Houston Chronicle, 5/2/15

The KMCM PAC created a website, including a long list of “Facts”, as well as a Facebook page where the PAC would interact and educate people on their support of the road bond. The KMCM PAC created a YouTube channel that shared various leaders of the county, including Director Bruce Tough, Director Mike Bass, Sheriff Tommy Gage, Belton Byrd of the Voter Awareness Council and others giving their “thumbs up” approval to the road bond. The YouTube channel also features videos from various forums around the county where pro- and -anti-bond speakers shared their views. You can view these videos here. – KMCM PAC YouTube

Along with a website, Facebook page and YouTube channel, Mrs. Blair also spoke with Channel 13 ABC news and CW39 Newsfix regarding her support for the road bond. And finally, among the Conroe Courier, Woodlands Villager, Community Impact and Houston Chronicle, the road bond was reported on repeatedly from the moment the citizen committee was formed until the road bond was voted on May 9th.

The statement that the “public and the media didn’t get their story out there” is false and absurd.

The Keep Montgomery Moving PAC broadcasted their pro-bond message on social media, news media and print media to educate the public on the virtues of the proposed road bond. As if all this weren’t enough, many local groups around the county held public forums where pro- and anti-bond speakers made their cases. The proponents of the bond had ample opportunity and means to clear up any detected misinformation, inaccuracies and handle any perceived damage before the May 9th vote. With ample information available to make reasonable decisions, some of the commissioners and PAC members have the audacity to suggest you, the voter, were duped by misinformation.

Next, I’ll address the statement that “commissioners couldn’t tell their story” about the road bond. It is true that once a road bond has been approved for a vote, the county commissioners are not allowed to actively promote the passage of the bond. However, the commissioners are allowed to answer questions about the details of the bond. Montgomery County created a website page that addressed the road bond. – Montgomery County Road Bond Information

County Judge Craig Doyal also participated in many forums addressing the bond, in the spirit of providing information and clearing up confusion.

There is no “story” to be told. Any proposed bond presented to taxpayers should be complete and clear. No taxpayer funded bond should ever require a political action committee to promote it.

After the road bond was defeated by a margin of 57% against (55% is considered a landslide in politics), Commissioner Riley and Director Bruce Tough went on record to address the defeat.

“Commissioner Riley has also vowed to keep the extension project in any new revised bond proposal. ‘Nothing would be different,’ said Riley, whose precinct includes the territory where the extension would be built. He said that he believes that he has the backing of other commissioners.”

“‘I think this looks like another long year with no traffic improvements,'” said Bruce Tough, who chairs The Woodlands Township. ‘Some of these groups are against government. [emphasis mine] But they demand more services and want taxes lowered at the same time.” The Township was split on the issue with three directors supporting the bond package [Tough, Bass, ?], three others against [Bunch, McMullan, Hausman] and one taking no position [unknown]’.” Houston Chronicle, 5/9/2015

Groups against government are known as anarchists. None of the politically active groups within Montgomery County are anarchists. When elected officials stop serving the people for whom they were elected to represent, the efforts become counterproductive.

Bottom line: Montgomery County commissioners used a citizen committee to create a $350 million road bond that was heavily marketed by the Keep Montgomery County Moving PAC (generously financed by Houston interests), frequently reported on by news media, supported by various community leaders and elected officials, and was ultimately voted down by the citizens of Montgomery County. Because that’s how a constitutional republic works.

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Watch: Laura speaks to County Commissioners

LauracommissionerLaura, along with several other concerned citizens, spoke at the County Commissioners’ court today. She asked that the county commissioners approve a bond by September 4th “that leaves out the Woodlands Parkway extension, addresses the highest priorities of the entire county, includes citizens in the process and funds a study to address our entire county’s future needs”.

Watch here:

Transcript here:

Commissioners Court May 19 2

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What’s happening on the border?

Join Laura on Monday!

Mary Huls, Executive Director of the Clear Lake Tea Party will be speaking about what is really happening on the border, especially in terms of human trafficking. Attendance is free.

When: 6:30 p.m.,  Monday, May 18, 2015

Where: Church @ 242 (aka Needham Road Baptist Church), located at 9268 Hwy 242; Conroe, TX 77385

More information, click here

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Join Laura at County Commissioners Court – May 19th

Please join Laura as she addresses the next steps she is asking the county commissioners to take regarding The Woodlands and county-wide mobility.

Where: County Commissioners Court, 501 N Thompson Street, Conroe, Texas

Time: 9:30 a.m.

If you would like to speak to the commissioners during “Public Comment”, please proceed to the 4th floor and enter the County Judge’s office near the elevator bank. You will sign in to speak. Please arrive early to sign in.

Hope to see you there!!

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